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Try not to drink while you eat

In case you’re eating strong nourishments, stick to solids; on the other hand, in case you’re drinking fluids, stick to fluids. Drinking anything while at the same time eating weakens the stomach related squeezes, and causes heartburn. Let us clarify how. When we put food in our mouth, a stomach related fire illuminates inside the stomach to separate it. On the off chance that we swallow down a glass of water following eating, we douse that fire, which was important to process the food. The undigested food spoils and causes illness in the body. It is ideal to drink water in any event 1 hour prior or 2 hours after our strong feast. When we begin eating Satvic food, which is wealthy in water and low in flavors and salt, we don’t want to drink water with or after dinners. On the off chance that drinking water gets essential while or in the wake of eating food, taste 2 tastes of water and let it remain in the mouth for some time prior to gulping it. You won’t feel parched after that.

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