5 Tips to Heal Your Relationship with Food and Stop Dieting Using Intuitive Eating

Are you sick of dieting we don’t, know how to be normal around food that’s exactly how i felt it wasn’t until. I healed my relationship with food that i truly stopped dieting and stopped eating without guilt or restriction and taking. The time to heal your relationship with food can be one of the most life-changing things that you can do.

I have been where you are i felt lost and out of control with food i’ve been on every diet, have had so many food restrictions used exercise as punishment and even took laxatives when i felt guilty about my food choices taking.
The steps to heal my relationship with food has changed my life and led me to become a certified nutritionist to help you do the same.
Today i’m going to share with you five ways to start healing your relationship with food and to stop dieting with no more food rules using intuitive eating, make sure you stay till the end.


The first way you can start healing your relationship with food and stop dieting with intuitive eating is to stop labeling foods good and bad.

Foods have no moral compass. when we give foods a label such as good and bad it causes us to have guilt around foods.

This skill it’s tied to being taught by diet culture that certain food groups are inherently bad for us and therefore make us feel guilty for consuming them, yes there are foods that are more nutrient-dense that we need to fuel our bodies and then there are those foods that just taste delicious and bring so much joy to our soul having both in our life is an important balance and pairing them together is where intuitive eating comes into play.


The second way you can start healing your relationship with food and stop dieting using intuitive eating is to clean up your social media accounts. Diet culture is all around us. It’s the should and the shouldn’t. It’s uh you shouldn’t eat carbs.

You should eat cleanly, you shouldn’t be in a larger body, or you should look a certain way. Slowly cleaning up your social media account is a huge piece to be able to start healing your relationship with food and stop dieting. Because it allows you to put a wedge between you and the diet culture. This is also a huge piece when you start to talk about body acceptance check in with who you are following and how they make you feel, diversify your account start following people of different shapes, colors and abilities, and that aligns with your goals. They should build you up and inspire you not bring you down and make you feel worse about yourself if you need some suggestions for some great accounts to follow send me a dm on Instagram and i’ll show you some of my favorites.


The third way to start healing your relationship with food and stop dieting using intuitive eating is to start breaking your food rules.
Food rules are exactly like the sound rules you put around food again. Those should and those shouldn’t. For example, one of my food rules was I would not allow myself to eat fruit because it contains sugar.
Your food rule may be not allowing carbs or not eating after a certain time at night. The ranges are huge and they can be very simple to very complex.
Here’s what i recommend you do. Make a list of all your food rules, then label them from easiest to hardest.
Start with the easiest food rule and make a plan to break it. For example, if I were going to break my fruit food rule, I would make a plan to incorporate a piece of fruit once a day into a meal or to replace a snack over the next few days and weeks i would slowly start to increase incorporating fruit throughout the day into different meals and snacks.
i would play with buying different fruits. I Would pay attention to how they make me feel what i enjoy what foods i don’t enjoy. Once I feel comfortable with that food rule and feel that i have comfortably broke it then i would move on to the next food rule.
On my list, take it slow and be curious and reflective as you move down your list I would love to hear.


Have tip number four to start healing your relationship with food and stop dieting. Using intuitive eating is to eat mindfully.
When we eat without paying attention, it typically leads to overeating and being uncomfortably full so here are some tips for mindful eating one taste your food.
With your non-dominant hand, put your utensils down between bites, pace yourself with the slowest eater or don’t bring technology to the table.
I’m curious to know in the comments below how many of you always have your phone at the table when you’re eating.

My go-to is a mid-meal check-in. I like to pause halfway through my meal and check in with myself.
How do the food taste I am actually enjoying it. It satisfies me how do i feel am i getting full this helps me check in with my body and be present of how i’m feeling.
Then, after I’m done eating, I also kind of like to check and be curious about how full I am satisfied that it tastes good and just again, just like having that inner dialogue with your body.
It’s like a little experiment with your body and having these tips can help you be more present and connect to it. If you over ate eat, be curious and ask yourself why you were not present during the meal. Did you come to the table too hungry, make a mental note and then move on there’s no need to dwell on the fact that you over ate be curious ask yourself why and then move on this is a skill that you have to practice the more you practice the easier it gets and the less conscious you have to be about it at meal times.

5. Be curious

My last tip for starting to heal your relationship with food and stop dieting using intuitive eating is to be curious. The journey to healing your relationship with food and to stop dieting is not linear.

It’s going to ebb and flow, you’re going to have good days and you’re going to have bad days, but it’s all about being curious, asking those questions, bookmarking your learnings and then moving on and using them for next time.  Also, In a journey that you can just put an end stamp on, think about it as this awesome experience that you continually get to explore with your body. I hope you found this information helpful to recap the five ways you can start healing your relationship with food and stop dieting no more food rules. It intuitive eating are to stop labeling foods good and bad clean up your social media account, break those food rules mindful eating and being curious.