Car Maintenance Tips That Will Extend the Life of Your Car

These are simple tasks that can be done while you’re getting gas or have a moment before starting your
drive. They might save you from an accident or simply let you know its time to take your car in. Either
way catching the problem early on will allow you to prepare for necessary fixes, before its too late.
Things to do often:

  1. Check the tires
    This is one of the most important things you can do, and it’s an easy one too! Make sure to look at your
    tires on a regular basis. Tires wear out and cause accidents more than any other malfunction, so check for
    low air or wearing of the rubber. After you inspect them a few times, you’ll develop a good idea of what to
    look for.
  2. Check your fluids
    Windshield wiper fluid should be full, oil should be a good color (light golden brown) and coolant should
    be at the correct level.
    *Important note: always check coolant with the car off and cooled down. The pressure in the tank
    can cause injury if you take the cap off too quickly.
  3. Always use the correct gas
    When you pop the cover to fill up on gas, most new cars will have a label stating which gas is supposed to
    be in the tank. Even though it can be expensive, using the correct gas can save your car from damage in
    the long run, like a bad fuel pump or poor gas mileage.
  4. Check your lights
    Periodically make sure brake lights, headlights and blinkers are all working properly. Your lights are your
    communication with other drivers, which is why you are legally required to keep them in good working
    order. Maintaining your lights can keep you safe, and also save you from getting tickets!
    *Quick tip – if there is no one around to help check the lights, use the reflection of a store window or
    a wall to see the glow.
  5. Try not to run the car on empty over and over again
    This causes the fuel pump to go bad at a quicker pace. Why? Because when you run the car on empty, the
    pump sucks up the garbage and gunk at the bottom of the tank, which in turn makes the pump go bad.
  6. Wash Your Car
    How can washing your car keep it running longer? It’s simple, the more familiar you are with your car,
    inside and out, the more likely you are to notice a problem right away. While washing your car you might
    notice things like loose hubcaps, failing windshield wipers, or loose molding near doors. Fixing little
    things like this will lead to less distractions while driving (imagine a hubcap flying off on the highway!),
    and will increase the re-sale value of your car. Polish your headlights, and the plastic accents on your car. Why not? Additionally, road grime and salt should be washed away as soon as possible as it will damage
    your car over time. See below.