16 Things Cats Do And What They Mean

Cats are mysterious and misunderstood creatures. They don’t display their emotions in an obvious way like dogs do.
You are not the only one whose cat shows strange behaviors. If you live with a cat, you are going to witness many weird cat things. Almost all the felines show weird behaviors, which can sometimes frustrate you and make you wonder if there’s something wrong with your cat. From zoomies to rolling over, fitting in small spaces and rubbing their heads against you, it may all seem weird to you … but these are normal kitten behaviors. Don’t worry; we have got you covered in this article 16 Cute But Weird Things Cats Do. Check it out.

  1. Knocking Things off
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For no apparent reason, your cat can often feel compelled to push things off the tables, counters, or shelves and calmly watch them fall to the floor. Sometimes it might look like an accident to you, as if your cat is just stretching and then something accidentally falls. This can be frustrating sometimes but believe us; your cat is not doing it to frustrate you.

You know what they say about cats and curiosity; well, it is just that your cat is curious or bored, and it fascinates him when he sees the object falling and crashing to the floor. This behavior is entertaining for the cat but not for you. If this behavior is repetitive, move your precious things to a safe place and try getting your cat new toys to keep him busy.