Fuses, Filters and Spark Plugs

All of these things to need to be changed by a mechanic, but its good to know what might be wrong to
lead the mechanic in the right direction. Nobody knows your car better than you. If you can tell your
mechanic what you think the problem is they won’t need to waste your time and money while searching
for the issue.
Fuses control everything inside the vehicle such as lights, radio, heater, etc. If something is not working it
most likely means a blown fuse.
Your oil filter needs to be changed with every oil change
Your air filter also needs to be cleaned or changed every three oil changes. Many cars require a new air
filter with each change, but some cars have a cleanable filter. It’s best to check with your mechanic to see
which one you have.
Spark Plugs
These plugs last a long time, on newer cars (Year 2000 and newer) they can last up to 100,000 miles.
Older cars need theirs changed between 30,000 and 100,000 miles. When your car gets a tune up, the
spark plugs should be checked, but it’s never a bad idea to specifically ask to get them checked.