How to change a tire

Step one: Place the jack under the car near the blown tire. You will want to position your jack so that it doesn’t sit underneath anything important and can support the weight. The best place is in the middle of the frame. Make sure to set the jack under the steel frame of the car – and not under any plastic siding along the edge of the car. Once jacked up, rock the car to ensure stability.

Step two: With your crossbar wrench begin to loosen the bolts. Do this in a criss- cross star pattern to loosen it evenly. Put the bolts in a place where they won’t roll away.

Step three: Take off the flat tire and replace it with the spare tire. Place the bolts on the threads in the same criss-cross star pattern as you took them off, without fully tightening each one. Once all of the bolts are semi tight, continue to strongly tighten them in the way in the same pattern.
**You shouldn’t drive more than 50-100 miles on the spare tire as this throws the alignment off. Get to a tire shop as soon as possible and have your tire fixed professionally. Also, if you can stop at a nearby gas station, it’s important to give the spare tire a little extra air.