How to Get Your Cat to Sleep With You

How to Get Your Cat to Sleep With You

How to get your cat to sleep with you ? Have you ever just wanted your cat to stay in bed with you and cuddle through the night.
Cats typically wake up at least once or twice in the night. But with discipline and patience you can convince them to adjust to your schedule. With the right preparation and sleeping arrangements. You and your cat can have a long peaceful rest together for many nights to come preparing for bed.

keep the cat active during the day.

An active cat during the day leads to a sleepy cat at night. Enriching your cat’s life with play sessions in the morning and when you get home from work or a short walk around the block on a cat leash one.
You can also leave out toys the cat enjoys playing with on its own but this should not replace bonding time. Puzzle toys with treats inside are an enticing stimulating option. Do not leave out toys with string which the cat could choke on. It is normal for adult cats to sleep 16 hours out of every 24 hours. While kittens and old cats need even more sleep too. Let them nap during the day as long as they are getting enough exercise as well.

schedule a play session right before bed, establish a nighttime routine with at least 10 minutes of evening play. This will tire out your cat and if you stick to a consistent schedule teach the cat that this signal’s bedtime, start with energetic play but wind down with slower calmer movements for the last few minutes.

Have a hyperkitten redirect its attention to a treat when it’s time to stop roughhousing. Old cats still benefit from play even if they need convincing. Use soft slow-moving toys. Feed your cat a meal before bed most cats will take a snooze after a big meal, so encourage sleep by feeding your cat right before you head to bed.

Put a perch near your bed. Cats enjoy cozy high perches where they can observe the room. Encourage the cat to sit there using treats if necessary while you get into bed.

This gets your cat comfortable with your nightly routine one short step away from joining you in bed. If your cat has a cat bed or a favorite object to sleep on move it onto the perch. Cats are notoriously picky about their sleeping arrangement so yours might not follow. But it’s worth a try veterinarian pippa elliot ; suggests try placing an item of clothing with your scent on it on the cat’s favorite sleeping spot.

This helps the cat get used to your smell and find it comforting which means. The bed also becomes a comforting place for her.

Let the cat explore the bed.

Your cat will have more positive associations with the bed if you leave it to make the decision. Lure your cat up with treats or catnip. If your pet responds to it. Try a new cover on the bed.

Some cats are clean freaks and more likely to sleep on a freshly washed blanket. Reward the cat if it joins you in the night. Some cats are hesitant to fall asleep in the bed but still explore it in the night.

On other nights reward the cat with a head scritch or another enjoyable activity gradually. Reduce the treats to once every other night then once every three nights and so on until it’s just a rare reward.

If your pet is like this you could reward. ​It with a treat when it shows up, Hide the treat under a pillow or in your pajama pocket for the cat to find on its own so you don’t reward it for waking you up once the cat starts joining you in bed Gradually taper off the number of treats until your cat is back on a healthy diet. Consistency is key early on make sure it can get a treat every night. Just don’t give extras if it pause or meows or you’ll never get any sleep once it’s in the habit give a treat about three quarters of the time.