Practical tips to take care of your cat

The cat remains a fundamentally independent animal to whom we belong more than it belongs to us its bond with humans as no less strong and you do you love your cat do you want to make him happy surely you want that but you don’t know How.

In this articel we will discover together three practical tips to take care of your cat useful tips and tricks before all this it is very important to know that if he no longer needs to hunt for food because its bowl is filled every day as if by magic the cat still needs to express its natural hunting instinct this is important for his balance because even if he is independent and free boredom is a source of behavioral disturbances.

It’s up to you to incite him to hunt down hunt down and catch even if he’s not the type to walk the nearby gutters if he’s more hip on the couch than he hunts butterflies or if he’s always perched at the top of the closet instead of trying to find insects.


Here are some ideas to put in place to help you take care of its carnivorous nature first of all, don’t forget that the cat has a very developed sense of smell and that to the new toy with the smell of plastic and cellophane he prefers the simple ball of paper used to pack something more appealing.

First tip the cash croquettes the cash croquettes is simply to hide your food in different parts of the house or garden and let it search this is enough to unlock his energy and allow him to start digging before tasting second tit the favorite toy if he’s always motivated to search for food, he’ll be equally motivated to hunt down a mouse toy of predilection it comes, ​in many models whether it’s fragrant with catweed with its exciting virtues allowing it to quickly adopt its new toy electric or equipped with a light beam running and trying to catch .

it is always an effective stimulant and a certain amount of fun third tip the false fisherman mice and any other moving object are perfect to make it jump while trying to capture its prey .

you can for example make a fishing rod to wave under her nose simply with a stick wire and a few feathers bells or a soft toy after each session you can put the toys away so that he doesn’t get used to seeing them and is always as enthusiastic about finding them at last .

if you really love your cat know ​that sharing moments of play means allowing them to sharpen their hunting instincts respect their carnivorous nature that is part of their dna and cultivate complicity between you.

I hope you enjoyed this articel be well goodbye my dear friends and don’t forget to take care of your cat.