There are some ways to give your battery a longer life.

When your battery dies, you have to get a new one. There is no getting around that. The car will not run
without one, however there are some ways to give your battery a longer life.
Some upkeep tips

  1. Don’t let it die all the time because using jumper cables reduces the life span of a battery.
  2. Keep the battery clean of corrosion, but never touch it with your bare hands. Make sure the car is off
    and use a rag to carefully remove any corrosion around the battery input.
  3. Try not to run your electronics without the car running. They take a lot of power to run and that power
    drains quickly out of your battery.
    Maintaining your vehicle helps your battery last. Think of it like this: each part relies on another part to
    run, so each individual part needs to be cared for to ensure that it will support the others.
    Did you know your battery life depends on the weather? If it’s cold outside your battery tends to last
    longer, almost double the time, but in hotter weather the battery dies faster. This all happens when your
    car is off and parked. A tip to help your battery in the heat of the summer is to drive longer distances as
    opposed to driving for ten minutes and shutting it off again. This will prompt the alternator to fully charge
    the battery after sitting in the heat for a while.
    Dead Battery Tip
    If your battery is dead and the case is expanded or swollen do not jump start it. This could cause injury or
    even an explosion. Consult a mechanic or get a tow.