Weird cat behaviors explained

  1. Ear twitching
cat Ear twitching

The ears of your feline friend are sensitive to sounds, and the ear twitching can be a sign of aggressiveness. Or this can be a sign of nervousness or even anxiety.
If your cat’s ears are in an upright position, then they are concentrating on something in their surroundings.


Cats are wonderful pets but sometimes they behave in a way that may seem strange to cat owners. These behaviors include knocking on things, running around the house, ear tingling, staring, lying in uncomfortable places, etc. The truth is that these things are not alien to your cat. Each of these behaviors has a meaning or purpose for your cat. If you pay close attention, you can learn the cause of each of the above behaviors. If your cat does something that could be harmful to her or others, you should consult your veterinarian or veterinary behavior specialist.