When Your Car Won’t Start

This is a short list of things, causes and sounds the car might be making.

  • If you turn the key and nothing happens and no noise occurs, the battery is dead and needs a jump.
  • If you turn the key and hear multiple clicking noises, the battery is almost dead and this is an indicator
    for you to get a new one.
    ** Try checking the battery terminals before jumping it. If the terminals are loose, this can cause the
    battery to not work. Tighten the terminals and try starting the car again.
  • If you turn the key and you hear one click, this could indicate a starter problem.
  • If the car starts and dies, starts and then dies, this could be fuel problem. Check the fuel gauge or get
    your fuel pump checked by a professional.
  • Newer cars have an anti-theft mechanism in the ignition that will not allow the car to start if the
    incorrect key is put in.
  • If something is wrong with the ignition, this is a major problem that requires a tow and a professional
    mechanic to fix.